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The Signs Of Radiator Problems

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  • 02-03-2022
The Signs Of Radiator Problems

Signs That Your Home Radiator needs Fixing

What are the signs of radiator problems? Find out more about what to look out for to keep your central heating and radiators working efficiently.

The Radiator Leaks

Radiators work by dispensing heat and sometimes water throughout the unit's structure to warm the home. The biggest issue with older radiators is that they can crack after years and years of usage.

This will then cause the radiator to become inefficient and more and more of a problem within your home. A cracked radiator will either need a repair or a complete replacement. If you're curious about whether your radiator could be cracked, one of the common signs is an accumulation of water on the floor of the unit.

Radiators can occasionally release a small amount of moisture, this is normal. Still, if you find a puddle of water on your flooring, it definitely indicates an issue with your radiator.

The majority of home radiators will require inspections and maintenance annually. If you find that your radiator is leaking, you need to call a technician as soon as possible. They will be able to tell you whether your system needs to be replaced.

The Radiator is Cold

If the radiators within your home are not functioning properly, this can cause unnecessary stress. A common issue that causes sleepless nights is a radiator that remains cold even while it is running.

Several different issues can cause this, but most of the time, the radiator will not need to be replaced to fix the issue. If your radiator is old, then the thermostat within will stop working. Eventually, due to so much use, you may need to replace the radiator. A malfunction in this situation will leave the unit worthless.

The condensate pipe is another area that may need to be addressed if your radiator is cold while it is running. This pipe can back up and completely freeze during the winter months and will need to be completely defrosted in order to restore the radiator's ability to heat efficiently. A cold radiator may also require the whole system to be bled.

When there is a buildup of too much air inside the unit, this can stop the radiator from functioning as normal. This can be quickly corrected by bleeding the radiator in question.

The Radiator Overheats

Overheating isn't talked about as much as the last two radiator issues, but an overheating radiator can be a catastrophic side-effect of something being wrong within the radiator. When a radiator is having this problem, you will need to act fast; this will give you a better chance at saving the unit.

Radiators overheat when the flow within the system is blocked or there is a build-up of debris somewhere inside the unit. This can then result in the radiator wasting energy or even cracking. If you notice any signs of an overheating radiator, you should contact a Gas-Safe professional to deal with the problem as soon as possible.

The most common symptoms of a radiator having issues include overheating, leaking, and a lack of heating properly. As there are many different types of radiators with different internal systems, it is hard to say what specifically will be the root of the issue for you.

Overheating can usually be fixed before irreversible harm is done to the unit, so as long as the issue is dealt with swiftly, then you will not need to replace the system.

What Are The Signs Of Radiator Problems?

Common Problems With Radiators Not Working Properly

My radiator is cold at the bottom but hot at the top

This may be the result of sludge or rust blocking up your radiators or your pipes.

This can be a difficult issue for a non-professional to fix, so we would recommend hiring a Gas-Safe engineer to take a look at your radiator for you.

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My radiator is cold at the top but hot at the bottom

If the radiators around your home are not warming up at the top of the unit, then you most likely will have air trapped inside.

You can let the air out of the radiators by bleeding them with a radiator key. These keys can be bought from any DIY store.

My radiator is not getting hot

If your heating is on and other radiators within your home are working fine, then you may have frozen or stuck valves. This will completely stop water from getting into the radiator.

Alternatively, as with many radiator issues, sludge or rust may be to blame. There might be a bigger issue relating to your boiler. We would recommend asking a Gas-Safe engineer to take a look for you.

My radiator is making strange or loud noises

A noisy radiator will usually not amount to much. If you hear clicking sounds or ticking sounds, it is most likely just the radiator's metal contracting or expanding as it cools down or warms up.

The same goes for noises underneath your floor; it is most likely just to be the pipes expanding or contracting.

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How To Maintain The Radiators In Your Home

How to maintain the radiators in your home

Making sure that your heating systems are working efficiently is an absolute must. This is not only for your comfort at home but also for your bank balance. During the colder winter months, then you need your whole property to warm up quickly and stay consistently at that heat.

Being able to fix any small issues that you encounter will help you to keep your home nice and warm without the need to be regularly calling out an engineer to help you fix issues. You will need a qualified professional to help you install a central heating system, but maintaining them is not incredibly difficult. It may take a little time to learn some new skills, but you do not need hours and hours of training.

Most tasks take only minutes to complete, and they will leave you with a more efficient central heating system. Learning these skills will mean that you will only need to call in the expert professionals when something cannot be easily fixed. This could be something like a full system power flushing to remove a buildup of debris, sludge, or rust that creates a blockage. This is the kind of work that can only be done by a trained expert.

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