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Does Servicing A Boiler Make It More Efficient

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  • 29-11-2021
Does Servicing A Boiler Make It More Efficient

Does servicing a boiler make it more efficient? Find out more about the benefits of heating maintenance and how it can improve your boiler efficiency.

What Is Boiler Efficiency?

Efficient boilers use the least amount of energy possible to save money on heating bills while ensuring that almost all the power and fuel used goes into keeping our homes and properties warm and cosy.

Inefficient or faulty boilers use up far too much energy, most of which is lost to powering up the boiler and ultimately is a massive waste of money. 

That is why it is so important we invest in quality gas and oil boilers and ensure that they are efficient enough to use up all the energy they curate. 

All that waste or excess use of power is not suitable for the planet's ecosystem. In the long run, a more modern and efficient boiler model will help in saving you money and increase the appliance's lifespan. 

Does Servicing A Boiler Make It More Efficient?

How Efficient Is My Boiler

Boiler efficiency is measured by those in the industry using percentages. Suppose, during your initial boiler inspection or gas safety check, your boiler is described by engineers as being 90% efficient. 

In that case, that translates as 90% of the energy your boiler uses then goes into heating the entirety of your home. The remaining 10% is often lost through powering it up or as heat waste.

Age plays a significant role as an indicator of the efficiency of a boiler. Modern condensing boilers often have to be considered 90% and A-Rated to be of use in the household or workplace property; however, non-condensing boilers that are much older may be much lower.

At least 15 years old, boilers can be 85% efficient, whereas those over 20 years old may only be 70%. Over the years, manufacturers have discovered more ways to ensure that boilers are of maximum efficiency and cost-effective enough not to waste as much energy. 

We are gradually becoming more eco-friendly with the design of our boilers, and now we need to assess how we use them to make our households more environmentally friendly. 

Reasons To Arrange A Boiler Service

Sometimes, it's best to treat your boiler the way you may treat any other central device or vehicle in your home. Think about your car; the manufacturers ensure an adequate servicing process for every motor vehicle, as does your boiler manufacturer.

Your boiler struggles to function efficiently and may not provide you with its optimum performance if it is not given frequent or annual maintenance. Fully inspected and looked after, gas boilers tend to have a longer lifespan and operate far more efficiently.

For maximum boiler efficiency, ensure you maintain your boiler by booking annual services; this can help you lower heating bills a great deal.

Your engineer will often take time during the booked service to clean out any deposits in the boiler; for example, they will clean the inside of the combustion area and, in doing so, free it from debris that could be causing blockages in your appliance. 

The heat transfer for radiators, heaters, and hot water will be much smoother, and the pilot light will burn far more efficiently. 

More efficient and safest boilers in households and on the markets are often the ones that have been thoroughly maintained over the years.

You may find that your manufacturer has placed built-in safety elements into your boilers for satisfactory operation; however, that shouldn't mean you allow them to do all the work. These features can experience wear and tear over time; if untended-to, they could fall victim to a boiler breakdown that is ultimately avoidable.

For health and safety and safe heating reasons, it's best to hire a trained, gas safe registered engineer in your local area to carry out these jobs legally. You'll have peace of mind knowing that your gas appliances are in safe hands. 

Spending a small amount of money on your annual boiler maintenance can save you plenty of money in the long term. Servicing it regularly allows it to stay running efficiently throughout the months you need it most, which tends to be during the autumn and winter seasons.

A working central heating system that fires up immediately uses less energy than one that takes long periods to fire up due to blockage or other obstructing factors. Therefore, the number on your heating bills should somewhat decrease when it is in solid condition.

The efficiency is also heavily dependant on the model and age of your manufactured boiler; however, your heating engineer should give appropriate maintenance to your boiler during your appointment and inspection, which will ultimately cut down the costs on your energy bills. 

Healthy gas boilers and oil boilers are more long-lasting and tend to not be at risk of breakdowns; therefore, you can save plenty on expensive replacement or repair prices.

Methods of prevention in boiler servicing are a far better and more cost-effective cure than boiler replacement. The worst-case scenario is your gas or oil boiler breaks down, just as we begin heading into late autumn or early winter.

Such is why utilising your annual boiler service as a means for breakdown prevention is a great way to ensure that could never happen.

Reliable, qualified engineers will promptly detect any visible or underneath internal faults before they become irreparable problems that only costly replacements can solve.

They have the skills and knowledge to fix any major or minor central heating issues in a manner that saves you plenty of time and money on repairs and more significant stresses in the Christmas period. Every household must have an energy-efficient boiler to supply the correct amount of heating and hot water to survive the colder months.

It is a common term and condition of most manufactured boilers that under the guaranteed warranty, they have to get it frequently or serviced annually to stay valid.

Check the paperwork and book your next appointment if you wish to be consistent with this guarantee and ensure it is valid.

Is It Worth Getting My Boiler Serviced?

Getting your boiler serviced regularly is worth it. Overall many benefits come with having a regular boiler service annually; for example, the primary significance is that it keeps your boiler safe and running in a smooth condition throughout the rest of the year. 

Another advantage is that it can assist you in dramatically cutting down central heating costs, primarily by reducing your risk of requiring expensive replacements for your boiler appliances in the future. Ultimately, you'll improve the overall efficiency of your household in a safer and much cheaper way.

Boiler service is a one-off payment each year or every six months, depending on the number of services you can afford in your yearly budget. You'll save plenty of money on drastic boiler repairs, and you won't have to experience the stresses and costs of investing in a brand-new boiler.


What Is Included In A Boiler Service

Visual Inspection

Gas safe registered engineers often begin a boiler service with some visual inspection. A visual inspection lets them search for the apparent glaring wear and tear or initial areas of damage. They will give the outside mechanisms a quick clean to ensure that no debris or dust prevents them from functioning efficiently and check the pipes. They must be positioned and installed adequately, or they could cause severe harm, such as carbon monoxide poisoning. Your Engineer Will Come Up With A Solution If There Are damages to anything inside.

Remove The Boiler Casing

The professional engineer will often take off the boiler's casing to examine the components inside the appliances, ensuring that at all times, all mechanisms are working correctly to comply with health and safety guidelines. During this time, they may clean the insides of the gas boiler thoroughly and inspect it for any faults or defects that could later get worse and harm the efficiency level.

Flue And Combustion Check

Your gas safe heating engineer will ensure that no aspects are blocking the flue of your boiler and pipework; they also need to ensure everything is fitted adequately for safe use. The boiler must safely burn a correct mix of gas and air to comply with household and the landlord's regulations, so your engineer will perform a complete flue gas analysis.

Other Items On The Checklist

There are many other gas appliances that your gas safe registered engineer will inspect during their initial appointment.

Some of the following are:

  • Seals
  • Gas Pressure
  • Controls And Safety Devices
  • Fans
  • Any Operating Faults
  • Gas Rate
  • System Pressure Checks
  • Ventilation
  • Thermostat
  • Pilot Burner


In checking all of these elements for leaks, debris and other faults that lead to further issues, you can guarantee that the service will be incredibly cost-efficient, especially if you have timed your appointment well in the year. The best time is during the summer when engineers are least busy.

Have You Serviced Your Boiler In The Last 12 Months?

As the homeowners or landlords, it's always good to keep up your annual maintenance on your gas boilers and oil boilers. There are so many reasons for doing so that would be incredibly beneficial for you and your household. 

Ensuring you service your boiler at least once every year helps you stick to your manufacture guidelines and keep your warranty valid throughout its usage. 

Perhaps you are concerned for the safety of your family, or you'd like to cut costs before the wintertime and prevent issues or replacements. 

There is a wide range of reasons why every household or landlord should actively invest in boiler service annually for their gas and oil appliances. 

However, if you discover that you haven't had your boiler serviced in 12 months, the best option is to contact your local gas and electric heating company to come out and inspect your gas boiler.

It would be best to aim to have one service at least every 6-12 months to ensure that your appliances are in good condition. Aim to do so early on or in the middle of the year so that you'll know that your boiler is in good condition for winter.

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