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Why Is It Better To Service A Boiler In Summer Than Winter

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  • 29-11-2021
Why Is It Better To Service A Boiler In Summer Than Winter

Why is it better to service a boiler in summer than winter? If you want to ensure that your heating system is working when you need it, a regular servicing is a good idea. Find out why doing this in the summer is the best time to call an engineer.

Reasons To Service Boiler's In The Summer

Servicing your boiler in the summertime has a vast amount of benefits to the health and safety of your employees or household and can help save you money. Take a look at the number of reasons why the best time of year for boiler maintenance is during the warmer months:

There are many more breakdowns in the winter months than in the summer, and therefore, engineers tend not to be as busy with household appointments during the summertime.

Cost savings are so much more attainable with a summer boiler service. Many heating companies offer discounts to their customers in the warmer months as it encourages more services and allows for a steady workstream.

The cold weather will have you relying greatly on your central heating system. Due to it being primarily turned off in the summer, many problems may build and occur in the winter when you first switch it on.

Servicing in the winter will ensure your boiler is in good condition, ready for the cold.

You'll be able to choose freely what dates and times suit your schedule the most as heating engineers aren't as busy during the summer.

If your professional discovers any issues on the day of the appointment, they may be able to fix them there and then, unlike in the late autumn and winter. 

Paying for a boiler service during Christmas time or the New Year isn't ideal. There's already so much to worry about; if you celebrate, you'll be stressing about the perfect presents to buy, the dinner to purchase and plan, alongside additional decorations to spruce up the home!

A boiler service during the winter is increasingly more expensive due to the busy nature of the season. The best way to reduce the costs and enjoy Christmas free of central heating expenses is to have it adequately serviced in the summer.

The summer is slap-bang in the middle of the year, so instead of having it serviced in February and needing to go through the process again later in the year. Try to hoot for an appointment in July or August to even it out; that way, you'll only require one maintenance service a year. 

You use your boiler a great deal less in the summertime; the weather is much warmer, especially during heatwaves, and there is simply no need to utilise it. You don't need your boiler to be in its top-tier condition during the spring/summer months, so naturally, this is the best time to take care of it.

During the UK late autumn and early winter, the winter grows increasingly cold, and your central heating will be being turned off and on from the morning until late at night, when we recommend you turn it off to save costs and energy.

A maintenance service with a qualified, gas safe registered engineer is more suitable for surviving the winter without disturbing your gas or oil boilers. Your heating engineer will have plenty of time in their schedule to carry out all the necessary inspections and tests that would be much more challenging during the winter.

Any gas boiler engineer will tell you that the general public tends to utilise central heating in their homes during late autumn and the early winter when the weather is becoming more bitter and icy cold.

The likelihood of issues with gas appliances, pipework and boilers during these seasons is incredibly high, as they are used habitually throughout company properties and households across the country.

Engineers work schedules become relatively crammed with appointments here, there and everywhere, so getting your annual service over and done with during the summer, when engineers are more flexible, is the most appropriate choice to help you beat the rush. 

When having your boiler turned off during a service can help prevent future problems. If you react to the situation when your boiler is switched on, the service costs will increase dramatically, as the job is slightly harder to complete.

Quality service in the summertime will give you plenty of peace of mind that your gas or oil boiler will be in the best possible condition, ready for the winter. Detecting issues early before they get worse or before they disturb a potentially cosy household in the colder months will put you at ease.

If worst comes to worst, and you require a brand new boiler for the home, you won't be under significant pressure to garner the money you need throughout June, July, and August.

Get your boiler serviced many months earlier; that way, you know that your boiler will fire up immediately when you begin switching on between September-December for more long-term use.

It's great to remember that proactive maintenance and care services will be far less stressful and cheaper than an emergency call for a boiler engineer during the coldest parts of the year. It will be even more so if you require a brand new boiler during that time, as the Christmas/Holiday period tends to be expensive as it is!

How Often Should I Service A Boiler?

Annual boiler services are a manufacturing condition; it allows customers' warranty to stay valid for as long as possible. The boiler's warranty is a written guarantee that promises protection, repairs and replacements within that window of time.

Having your boiler serviced annually will enhance the boiler's efficiency and ensure it operates safely inside your home, especially throughout autumn and winter when you require central heating the most.

Ensure that all professionals are fully qualified, and gas safe registered engineers, specifically for gas boiler services. They must be OFTEC-registered if they are handling oil boilers; this is a legal requirement as any gas appliance work is hazardous. If the job isn't done the first time correctly, there could be severe consequences, such as carbon monoxide poisoning, boiler repairs and costly replacements.

Professional gas safe registered engineers will be able to provide you with top-quality advice on the best ways you can serve your boiler during the year, alongside the best times to have maintenance works carried out to suit your model. 

Why is it better to service a boiler in summer than winter?

How Long Does A Boiler Service Take?

It may sound as though annual boiler services could take a long time to complete; however, if you aim to stay on top of each yearly inspection, they will not. 

Overall, this will gradually reduce the duration of any tests or assessments, as there will ultimately be fewer aspects to inspect. It may take approximately an hour or less for any standalone household boiler.

There may be scenarios when it could take longer, for example, if your engineer discovers any faults. They'll have to detect, diagnose and find a practical solution for these issues so that your boiler may run efficiently. 

If the problems are minor and they have time on their hands, they may decide that it is a problem that is easily fixed and can be sorted within that same session. If not, they will discuss with you an official appointment at an appropriate time that suits your work life or daily schedule.

The service could also run overtime if your boiler is placed somewhere challenging to reach, for example, boilers installed behind gas fires or other appliances. 

How Long Does A Boiler Service Take?

How Much Does It Cost To Service A Boiler?

The cost of any boiler service can vary widely; however, it's best to aim for the lowest possible from a high-quality boiler servicing business. 

Such is why booking your boiler service for the summer months will allow you to keep costs down. Your boiler will run more efficiently for winter when you need it most. 

You'll discover that it is indeed far more expensive to hold off on a one-off or annual boiler service and wait for it a time when it becomes faulty, as opposed to having a one-off inspection in the summertime. In doing so, you may get the opportunity for professional engineers to detect an issue early on and that way; it's much cheaper!

Typically, one-off inspection costs approximately £60-£70, and annual boiler services will cost you much less than the expensive boiler replacements you'll be expected to pay for in the future. Ultimately, yearly maintenance is convenient for helping reduce your heating bills extortionately. 

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