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Power Flushing
Uppingham, Rutland

Do you require Power Flushing in Uppingham or Rutland? If you experience problems with your central heating, you may require a power flushing to resolve the issue.

When dirt or sludge accumulates inside the pipes, boilers or radiators, it results in the equipment producing unwanted blockages which cause the breakdown of boilers and affect the ability of the radiators to produce heat.

Power flushing involves using a chemical solution to clean a heating system and eliminate blockages. Power flushing helps to avoid breaking down of the boiler due to the accumulation of dirt and sludge inside it.

A power flush helps prolong the life of a radiator and boiler by preventing blockages the efficiency of the heating of the house.

Power flushing is recommending for the whole system, especially when you install a new boiler. For effective functioning of the radiator and the boiler and long-lasting ensure you carry out power flushing every 5-6 years.

Power Flushing Uppingham, Rutland
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Signs that you need a power flush

There is a common sign that one should look for to determining whether their radiators and boilers require power flushing, such sign include;

  1. If your boiler or radiator produces noisy sounds
  2. If the radiator has cold patches
  3. If your central heating is taking a longer time than usual to heat cloudy tap water
  4. If either the heating pump or the boiler produces excessive noise
  5. If you observe that your radiator is struggling to heat up
  6. If the water tend to get discoloured when you bleed the radiator
  7. If the radiator doesn't get warm even when the boiler is switched on
  8. If when you bleed a radiator, no water comes out

How long does a power flush take?

The period that it takes to power flush depends on the type of the heating system and the size of the house. The performance time depends on whether to expand the pipes or if you need to cap the cold feed of the boilers.

For combination boilers or even sealed system, the performance time is less since the system doesn't require expanding of pipes and capping of the cold feed. However, for though cleaning of the house, power flush tends to take half a day.

Who should perform a power flush?

If a power flush is required in a property its recommended to hire a qualified professional, the benefit of this is that they will ensure thorough cleaning of the boiler and radiator.

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