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Frequently Asked Questions
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Boiler Servicing


When do I need to get my boiler serviced?

Although there is no exact answer for when a boiler should be serviced, you should try to have it done every 12 months to keep the system healthy and reduce the need for repairs.


Is it a legal requirement to have your boiler serviced?

No, it is not a legal requirement to have your boiler serviced. However, if the boiler is still under warranty, they may require you to have an annual service to keep it healthy.


How often should a boiler be serviced by law?

Having a boiler serviced is not a legal requirement unless you are a landlord. If this is the case, you should have the boiler serviced annually as it is a legal requirement.


How much does it cost to have a boiler serviced?

The cost of having your boiler serviced can vary depending on the type of boiler, the engineer you use, how long the servicing will take and the number of repairs that need to be carried out.


What happens at a boiler service?

The engineer conducting the service will check a few things. A visual check usually starts by checking the pipework is installed correctly and in the right place. Next, they will check to ensure the boiler is working efficiently. These checks will include gas pressure and flow, fuel and combustion, and seals are intact, condensate pipe is not blocked etc. 


What happens if you don't service your boiler?

Not servicing your boiler can allow significant issues within your home to build up, and the repair costs can be massive. Sometimes this can lead to having the boiler replaced, which can be £2000-£4000 or more. Many warranties require an annual service to be done. Otherwise, it is voided. 

Boiler Repair 


How much does it cost to repair a boiler?

The repair costs for boilers can go anywhere between £100 to £400 or more, but these costs will depend on the severity of the damage and how much needs to be replaced.


Should I repair or replace the boiler?

Replacing or repairing your boiler depends on a few factors. First, how frequent are the breakdowns? This means you will spend more money than the boiler is currently worth. Second, is the boiler safe to have in the home and use? Finally, are the repair costs getting too expensive?

Power Flushing


Why have a power flush?

There are a few benefits to having a power flush in your system:

First, a power flush can make the distribution of heat through the building more even.

The efficiency of your heating will increase and help you save some money on energy.

The lifespan of your central heating system will increase. 


How is a power flush done?

A power flush is done by a trained engineer who attaches a machine to your boiler. This machine will then push special chemicals through your central heating. The chemicals will dislodge and remove any sludge, rust and other blockages that affect the system's performance.

This process can take several hours or more, depending on the degree of blockages in your system.


Is Power Flushing necessary?

A power flush should usually be done every 4-5 years. This is the best time to have the system cleaned and keep it working efficiently. That said, you do not have to have a power flush done, but it is recommended to save money later on and keep your boiler healthy.


How often do you need a power flush?

To ensure the efficiency of your central heating system while not wasting money, it is suggested to do a power flush every 5-6 years. This means the central heating system is removed of as much sludge and rust as possible.

Plumbing services


What are the types of plumbing services?

There are a few plumbing services that are widely offered. This includes leak detection and repair, drain cleaning, replacements and installation, inspection and maintenance. These are some of the standard services provided and are used quite often to help customers with various issues.


What are the most common plumbing problems?

Many common plumbing problems occur and are called for fixes daily.

One is clogged drains and toilets. Clogged drains can occur when grease, oil and bits of food are put down the sink and build up over time and eventually block water flow.

Leaky faucets and pipes are also common and can be caused by high water pressure, deterioration or others.

Water heater and low water pressure are also issues that are found.


What can plumbers fix?

A plumber is called when you cannot fix an issue or unable to find the cause of the issue. This includes leaking faucets, low water pressure, leaking pipes, blocked drains, and toilet water that won't stop running.


How do you stop plumbing problems?

You can do some things to stop plumbing problems, but there is no 100% fix. Having regular maintenance and servicing is important to catch issues early on and stop them from becoming worse. Also, having a power flush every 5-6 years can be beneficial. 

Avoid putting oil and grease down the drain to stop blockages.

Don't throw things down the toilet as these can get stuck and create a buildup and eventually create a blockage which is not a good outcome. 

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Are you experiencing toilet blockages, shower or tap leakages? Does the temperature of your hot water vary? Do you pay a lot of money for heating services or in need of a gas certificate? We are here to help you.

We handle both domestic and commercial heating and plumbing challenges. We also advise our customers on better methods of saving money through conservation of energy.

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