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Does My System Need A Power Flush

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  • 15-11-2021
Does My System Need A Power Flush

Does my system need a power flush? If you are experiencing problems with your central heating it may be caused by blockages caused by sludge. A power flush is a recognised way to clear your heating system. 

If you've never had a power flush conducted at your home before, and you find yourself asking this question, then you're perhaps in dire need of one.

What is a power flush?

A power flush is an intense cleaning process that aims to clear out the inner workings of your central heating system, boiler, heat exchanger, pipes and radiators. 

Over time, as you use the system more and more, higher levels of sludge and rust will be produced, affecting productivity and efficiency. This can lead to higher heating bills as the system becomes less efficient at producing the desired heat. 

If your boiler has rust or sludge within the system, it can also result in an entire breakdown of the system and a new boiler needing to be installed.

This can be costly and sometimes leave your home without warm water or heating for up to a day. To ensure that your boiler is working at full capacity, you should be getting a power flush done every five to six years, alongside annual services and checks to the system.

What happens during a Powerflush

Due to the nature of this process, it's advised to get a professional to perform it. Chemicals and high pressured water are circulated throughout the system, into the radiators and pipework. 

A specialised machine called a pumping station is used and can take up a minimum of eight hours, but it can take a few days on larger properties. Systems that have more sludges and debris build-up can take longer to clean out too.

The engineer will typically flush out the system in both directions before moving onto problem areas. Sometimes radiators or units with more sludge build-up than others will require individual attention after the main power flush. 

Does My System Need A Power Flush?

This is where an agitator will be used, which is a hammer action drill that has a tough pad attached to it. After this, a chemical neutraliser will be applied to the system to ensure the inner working are not too high in acids or alkalines. Finally, to prevent any future corrosion, an inhibitor fluid will be applied to the solution.

What Happens During A Powerflush

This process can be done by yourself, but an understanding of the central heating system will be needed; hence hiring a professional is advised. 

The engineer who performs a power flush at your property doesn't need to be Gas Safe qualified, as they are not touching the gas supply. For this reason, some companies will try to scam you into hiring their services when they don't have the experience. 

Be sure to hire a trusted and experienced engineer and get multiple quotes in your area before progressing. It's also worth checking with your boiler manufacturer if a professional is required to perform such services, as by not doing so, you can find yourself making the warranty void.

Signs your Heating system needs power flushing.

Your central heating system will be showing signs that a power flush would be advised, and you may already have noticed something.

The most common sign is a radiator that isn't getting warm. If you notice cold spots or cold strips along the top or bottom, this could signify that a radiator is blocked. 

The sludge within the system can prevent hot water from flowing throughout, meaning that a particular radiator or section of that radiator isn't heating up. It's wise to check the particular radiator, as there could be another issue, but cold strips along the top of the radiator indicate a rust or sludge build-up, and the water cannot rise.

Signs Your Heating System Needs Power Flushing.

If you find yourself regularly bleeding radiators, this could be another sign that you need a power flush. Air can get trapped inside the radiator and stop water from flowing and therefore heating the unit, so regular radiator bleeding can be a sign of something worse. Also, suppose when you drain a radiator, you're noticing discoloured water. In that case, this is a sign that the water is coming into contact with rust, sludge or other contaminants in the system.

Noises produced by the radiators, boiler or pipes can also signify sludge and a needed power flush. This can consist of banging, thumping, rattling or anything else that sounds like it shouldn't be there. All central heating systems make noise, especially when heating up, but if you've noticed something new and recurring, then get this checked out.

If the boiler isn't working as it once was, and you know it's still relatively new, then this isn't a sign to buy a new one. There's perhaps a build-up inside that is preventing the best performance from happening. Get your boiler inspected and a power flush performed, and your system could become more efficient again.

Benefits of a Central Heating Powerflush?

Other than clearing out the central heating system with a power flush, there are other benefits that you'll begin to notice almost immediately after the treatment is done.

If you're experiencing radiators that aren't co-operating, then suddenly life will be brought back to them. If entire rooms are colder than others, then this will be a problem of the past, and warmth will be brought back to your home. Suppose no cold spots were noticeable before, and your radiators appeared to be working at full capacity. In that case, they will increase in efficiency, and you will notice your home warming up much quicker than before.

Your heating bills may have been increasing lately, yet you've been using the same amount of energy. This is because of the rust and sludge within, making the system much less efficient. After getting a power flush done, you can find your heating bills decreasing substantially. Your home overall will become more energy-efficient, and you can notice a big change.

Benefits Of A Central Heating Powerflush?

The lifespan of your boiler and entire central heating system could be increased, meaning that everything will be performing more healthily for much longer.

Some systems are older and need repair or replacement, but a lot of the time, homeowners can benefit from a power flush instead. This treatment can bring life back to the system and make it warm your home for longer.

The noise produced will decrease overall, and any noisy radiators or pipes won't be an issue anymore. If the noise continues, you can always contact the engineer again, and perhaps that individual unit needs replacing. However, a power flush will eradicate the rust and sludge that is causing the noise in the first place, giving your heating a quieter and more efficient time.

There are many benefits to be gained from a power flush, so if your system is asking for help with any of the signs above, be sure to get in touch today.

You shouldn't be getting a power flush too regularly, as the chemicals used can damage the system if used too often. The chemicals that a professional uses are stronger than anything you can buy over the counter, so they do a stronger and better job. This is why you will only need a power flush done at your property every five-to-six years.

If you're in the process of getting a new boiler installed, it's wise to get a power flush done then too. The central heating system could be old and without a deep clean, so getting a power flush done before installation can make the new boiler perform even better.

You should be maintaining and inspecting the boiler and central heating system much more often than you get a power flush. 

Every year you'll have a scheduled inspection by a Gas Safe engineer, which can flag up any faults in the system. Sometimes a power flush isn't needed, but a chemical flush can be done. This is a similar process that will remove rust and sludge, making a system more efficient but without the entire process of a power flush.

Ask your boiler manufacturer about the best course of action to take, or get in touch with us today. Our professionals can give you advice on what your system needs.

Do you require power flushing? We offer services to both domestic and commercial customers Uppingham, Oakham, Stamford and Rutland. Our charges are highly competitive and realistic. If you are experiencing problems with your central heating - Please contact us.